All captions are L-R.

1. SACUC Principal David Brewin, and David Gooday.
2. (Front) Alan Catterick, Grant Buchart
3. David Brewin, Wim Bakker.
4. (Back) Shabalala, John Seago, (Front) Mrs Khosa, John Kidner.
5. SACUC Home Economics students. Daiffy Zikalala (R).
6. Daniel Simelane, SACUC librarian, with student.
7. David Gooday.
8. SACUC students, 1968.
9. Young farmer and grandmother at kraal, Ntondosi..
10. Owners of Lobombo store at the Ncwala ceremony.
11. View of Mbabane.
12. View from Mbabane, incl Sheba's Breasts.
13. Sibhaca dancers.
14. Traditional married woman's hairstyle.
15. Farmer and family make mud bricks for building.
16. Wim Bakker after fumigating a local grain store.
17. John Meadley sings at the Theatre Club, Mbabane.


18. Some of King Sobhuza's wives at Independence Ceremony, 6 Sep 1968.
19. Schoolchildren arrive for the Independence Ceremony, 6 Sep 1968.
20. Lady singing praises at Bob and Daiffy's wedding.
21. Singers and dancers.
22. A SACUC student measures a local farmer's fields.
23. Mud decoration on a house near Mankayane.
24. Lady sheltering from a thunder storm near Malkerns.
25. Usuthu pulp mill.
26. Swazi couple.
27. Rural family's kraal.
28. Young woman near Luyengo.
29. Milking a cow.
30. Pair of working oxen.
31. Old lady at Ntondosi, near Luyengo, playing traditional makuyane.
32. Swazi girl with mud hair decoration.
33. A Swazi Zionist chanting in a trance.
34. King Sobhuza II, at a new Farmers' Centre, Piggs Peak.