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Society Donations 2018.

A number of organisations in Eswatini have received donations from the Society during 2018. Past Chairman Ken Charles, and Focus Editor Iain Thomson can be seen, in the photos below, making the cheque presentations.

Photo Captions:

  1. Past Chairman, Ken Charles, presenting a suitcase full of children's clothes, shoes and educational toys to Dr Anne Low, co-founder of SHAMBA (Self Help to Mitigate the Burden of Aids).

    SHAMBA supports community efforts to provide high quality preschool education for children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds in Swaziland, to promote early child development at family and community levels, to provide children with adequate nutrition, to help parents and carers practice responsive communication and learning through play with their infants and toddlers.

  2. Photo, L-R: Ken Charles (past Chairman), Themba Dlamini (Board Chair), Rita Charles, Iain Thomson (Vice Chair), Muzi Dlamini (CEO), Collen Malinga (Board Member)
    Cheshire Homes Swaziland, established in 1986, is the only rehabilitative centre for adults and children in the Kingdom. It is a registered non-governmental and non profit making organisation. Relying solely on donations and fundraising efforts, Cheshire Homes of Swaziland provides vital rehabilitative services to hundreds of people. They provide comprehensive rehabilitative services which are accessible, appropriate and affordable to all people with a disability.
  3. Iain Thomson (Editor of Focus) presenting a donation of E8270 from the (UK) Eswatini Society to Thea Litschka-Koen founder of the Antivenom Swazi Foundation. Looking on (and handling a snake!) is former Society Chairman, Ken Charles.

    The Antivenom Swazi Foundation aims to raise funds to treat snake bite victims in Swaziland. As well as providing free antivenom, the foundation visits schools, communities, companies and hospitals to educate people on the correct first-aid and medical treatment of snake bites. There is a desperate need to increase people’s knowledge of snakes: They need to identify and differentiate between venomous and non-venomous snakes and they must be taught what to do when they encounter a venomous snake. The foundation also provides free emergency call outs to people who need snakes removing from their property. They regularly visit schools, people’s homes and sugar cane plantations. All of the snakes are relocated away from human habitation and on a typical year this may number hundreds of snakes.

  4. Past Chairman, Ken Charles presenting a donation of E1900 to Tom Churchyard, founder of Kwakha Indvodza a male mentoring organisation.
    L-R: Iain Thomson (Editor of Focus), Nonto Motsa (Finance Assistant), Nicholas Mamba (Finance Officer), Tom Churchyard, (founder of Kwakha Indvodza), Ken Charles (past Chairman), Sthembiso Nhlengethwa, (Monitoring and Evaluation Officer), Nomsa Mbuli (Project Coordinator).

    The concept of a male mentoring organisation in Swaziland came about after Tom Churchyard, a local teacher, found himself teaching an English class to 30 young men in 2011 and 2012. He was alarmed to discover that many of these boys might not come into regular contact with another positive male influence. Often raised by elderly or female family members in their homes, these, and thousands of other young men like them are developing into adulthood without any reference point on how to behave as respectful, responsible men.

  5. Kieron O'Cunneen, a former EC Ambassador to Swaziland kindly donated a copy of the Biographical Register of Swaziland to 1902 and asked the Society to find a suitable home for it. It was decided that the National Archives of Swaziland would be an appropriate recipient as it would allow researchers access to this fascinating document. Acting Director of the Archives, Ngoba Msibi receives the Register from Ken Charles.

    Photo L-R: Iain Thomson (Focus Editor), Rita Charles, Ken Charles (Past Chairman), Ngoba Msibi (Archives Acting Director), Sibongile Mavuso (Senior Archivist) and Buyisile Maseko (Librarian).

  6. Focus Editor Iain Thomson, on right, and Past Chairman, Ken Charles, presenting a donation of E8270 to Sr Elsa at Hope House, Manzini.

    Hope House provides hospice care for terminally ill patients and those recovering from serious illnesses. Care is provided in 22 cottages (see picture) where relatives can stay to provide additional care. The cottages and gardens are kept in immaculate condition.

  7. Past Chairman, Ken Charles, accompanied by Iain Thomson (Editor of Focus) presenting a Society donation to Sr Stephania of St Joseph's School and Mission, Mzimpofu.

    The school has included a number of facilities that contribute to the education of disabled students as well as the community in general. The general educational programme integrates disabled students in the primary and secondary schools, with boarding facilities serving many of the disabled students. The Ekululameni Vocational Rehabilitation Centre provides training for disabled adults. Formerly, the Embelekweni pre-school provided care for children aged 0 to 5, many of whom had severe and multiple disabilities. The Zama center provides services for students with severe intellectual disabilities.