The Swaziland Society - founded 1991

The Swaziland Society holds meetings for members in London, and other locations around Britain. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Swaziland - download a membership application form from the menu (left).

Swaziland Society Chairman presented cheques to three Swaziland Charities recently.

At Hope House, Mbabane, Sr Elsa receives a cheque for 400 GBP. Cheshire Homes CEO, Muzi Dlamini also received a cheque for £400. He also received a further 130 GBP, the proceeds of a Swaziland Society sponsored walk organised by Paul Gooday and David Gordon-MacLeod. Another donation of £400 was made to SHAMBA (Self Help Action to Mitigate the Burden of Aids) which is run by Dr Anne Lowe and her husband, Alan. Photos here